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cPanel Control Panel

We use cPanel which provides a great place for you to manage every aspect of your web hosting plan easily and simply.

The best part is that cPanel is fully responsive so you can manage every aspect of your hosting from anywhere!

Key features of cPanel include: Full Email Account Control Built-in File Manager and Code Editor DNS Management Tools PHPMyAdmin / PHPPgAdmin PHP Version Manager Softaculous Website Statistics

CloudLinux Operating System

CloudLinux enables us to manage resource usage on our servers better ensuring that one site being attacked or hitting the front page of reddit doesn't affect your website.

CloudLinux also maintain hardened versions of PHP - including PHP 5.6 - enabling you to run your older applications for longer if your business requires it.

Key features of CloudLinux include: Per-cPanel Account Resource Limits Hardened PHP Versions Updated PHP 5.6 NodeJS Application Support PHP Version Manager Better SSH Security

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JetBackup Demo Screenshot

JetBackup Automated Backups

Out of every backup service out there, we think we've found the best. JetBackup provides you instant access within cPanel to restore any file you wish at the click of a button

You can do this, any time, anywhere without having to open a support ticket. So if you're struck by a case of "accidentally deleted a file I need" you can get back up and running before anyone has even noticed!

Key features of JetBackup include: Instant One-Click Restoration Daily Full Account Backups (Kept for 30 Days) All Backups Kept Off-Site