Hosting That Makes A Difference

We're focussed on what makes your site work best for you and your users. No fluffy stuff, just powerful hardware with optimised software in an easy to manage package managed with cPanel.

We use enterprise SSD-backed storage that can sustain 100K IOPS. For the less technical crowd, your site will be running faster than you ever imagined on our cloud platform that is designed for 100% uptime.

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Good For You, And The Planet

Let's be real for a moment. The internet consumes a lot of power, and much of that is generated using dirty methods like burning coal and gas. The pollution this generates isn't good for us, for animals or the planet.

This, alongside the mass deforestation that has been going on for the past few decades both add up to a very terrible outlook for our environment and the planet that holds it. This got us thinking. We should do something bold about this.

So, we're making this commitment. For every hosting plan we sell, we'll plant 10 trees to offset the carbon used to run your website using our partner. Better yet, every time you renew we'll plant 5 more. On top of this, we're looking in to ways of helping to fund green energy projects around the globe. How great is that?

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